About Fulford School

Fulford School is a popular, well respected and heavily over-subscribed community 11-18 mixed comprehensive with over 1600 students currently on roll. This includes a 300 strong Sixth Form.


The school opened in 1963 as a secondary modern school for about 400 students and has been a comprehensive school since 1970. The school’s success has seen it increase in size over time with a current planned admission number of 208. Fulford is a very popular choice of secondary school, both within and beyond its primary cluster schools, and it also attracts significant numbers of students from other schools in the city and the surrounding area to study in its Sixth Form. The school has an Enhanced Resource Centre (ERC) with a capacity of ten students for students on the autistic spectrum.


The school is situated on the southern outskirts of the city and draws most of its students from the villages to the south and east of York as well as the York suburbs of Fulford, Fishergate and Heslington.


Fulford School was inspected in May 2011 and was judged to be “outstanding” by Ofsted. The report reflects the excellent leadership and management at the school, the strengths and effectiveness of our curriculum and of our care and guidance systems. Our sixth form was rated outstanding in all three categories, outcomes, quality of provision and for leadership and management and thus was judged outstanding overall. The opening sentence of the report says “What makes Fulford School an outstanding school is that it manages very successfully to promote both the academic and personal development of all its students”. The report goes on to say that “students confirm that they feel very safe in school…. The school is very orderly and there is a strong ethos for learning which supports all students. Behaviour during the inspection was outstanding….. There is no sense of complacency. As a result the capacity for further improvement is outstanding” (OFSTED 2011)


The school has a long standing reputation for excellent academic results and it matches this with a commitment to providing outstanding pastoral care. Our pastoral system is based on our four Houses, each run by a Director of Learning. The Directors of Learning are responsible for the progress, personal development and well-being of the students in their care. In addition to this, our Student Support department provide strong support for the social and emotional welfare of our students and promote the highest standards of attendance and behavior for learning.


We seek to involve our students in the life of the school though promoting student leadership, House events and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. We are committed to developing the talents of all those in our school community to ensure we fulfil our core purpose of “Realising potential, creating the future”.


Fulford school is part of the South York Multi Academy Trust.


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Fulford school is part of the South York Multi Academy Trust.