Uniforms and PE Kits

Uniform (Years 7 to 11)

At Fulford School students wear their uniform with pride. School uniform must not be altered in a way that changes the style of the item.

Tie Colours 2023-24:

The School Uniform 2023-24
  • Black blazer with school logo
  • Black V Neck Jumper with school logo (optional)
  • School tie in year group colour (Colours below – students keep the same colour for all 5 years)
  • Pleated skirt in school colours (minimum length 22 inches), or,
  • Black formal trousers
  • Plain white, long or short sleeved shirt
  • Tights (plain black/natural coloured), or,
  • Socks worn below the knee (black, white or grey)
  • Black shoes (No pumps, boots, trainers, canvas shoes or high heels)

Uniform Key Information

  • Students must wear black formal trousers or the appropriate skirt.

  • Leggings, jeans, or inappropriate material are not permitted.

  • Skirts must be at least 22-inch length and must be worn correctly.

  • Blazers must be worn with the sleeves down.

  • Sleeves on shirts, jumpers or blazers must not be rolled up at any time.

  • Shirts must be tucked in.

  • Shirt top buttons must be fastened correctly.

  • Hoodies are not permitted.

  • Belts must be dark coloured, with a plain buckle.

  • Tights must be plain black or natural coloured.

  • Socks should be black, white or grey and worn below the knee.



  • Shoes must be plain black only.

  • Shoes must have no patterns, logos or decorative elements.

  • No trainers or trainer styles, boots, pumps or canvas/fabric/suede shoes will be allowed.

  • Heels should be no higher than 2.5cm/1 inch

  • Shoelaces must be black and fastened appropriately.

  • If students are not wearing the correct footwear they will be expected to borrow a pair of

    school shoes from the Pupil Support Unit – the shoes will be treated with a hygienic spray after each use. Failure to wear the shoes will result in sanctions due to refusing a reasonable request.



Outdoor Coats

  • Outdoor coats should be fit for purpose and have no large logos.

  • Hoodies are not permitted.



School Bag

• Students should have a school bag that can fit a school planner, their equipment and A4 exercise books in.

PE Kit

Legacy PE Kit – Compulsory for Year 8 – 11


Boys PE Kit


White PE T-Shirt with school logo
Reversible games top with school logo Navy blue shorts
White socks
White long games socks
Football boots
Shin pads (gum shield/mouth protector advised)
Training shoes with non-marking soles


Girls PE Kit

Royal blue polo shirt with school logo

School sweatshirt with school logo

White socks

Navy blue shorts

Blue long games socks

Training shoes

Football boots

Shin pads (gum shield/mouth protector advised)

Under an LA guideline, for safety reasons no jewellery may be worn during PE lessons.

Gum shield must be worn for competitive Hockey and Rugby fixtures.


New PE Kit – YEAR 7 ONLY

Blue unisex polo short with school logo (crew neck or fitted)
Reversible unisex sports top with school logo
Navy sports shorts with school logo or navy sports skort with school logo


Socks either:

  • White ankle/trainer socks
  • Sports socks – Long royal blue with white stripes Football boots

Shin pads
Gum shield/mouth protector advised


Optional items:

Blue unisex sweatshirt with school logo

Navy leggings/skins (with the logoed shorts or skort over the top)

Gum shield must be worn for competitive Hockey and Rugby fixtures.

Items in bold are available to purchase from either of our approved stockists:


Emblazon, 138 Micklegate, York YO1 6JX (Tel: 01904 624379)



Schoolshop, Unit 4-5 Handley Court Industrial Estate, Elvington, York YO41 4AR (Tel: 01904 607331) https://school-shop.co.uk/school/fulford-school/


Parents are able to purchase the other items of clothing (shirts, trousers, shoes etc) from any other retailer. Please be aware of any specific item requirements when making your purchase.


Second hand uniform items available for purchase. These are priced at about a third of the cost of new uniform. If you require any item or more information, please contact Fiona Phillips by email on fbphillips@googlemail.com


Personal Presentation

  • Nail polish and any type of false nails (including clear gels, acrylics, extensions and Shellac etc) are not allowed

  • Students may wear a watch and one plain pair of stud earrings worn in the ear only. No other jewellery is permitted; this includes any facial piercings.

  • Noticeable makeup is not allowed. Any make up must be discreet. False eyelashes are not to be worn.

  • Hats are not allowed to be worn inside the building. Baseball caps are not allowed.

  • Hair and colour should be sensible. Colouring should be of a naturally occurring tone.

Essential Equipment

Students are required to bring the following to school each day:

    • Planner

    • Pens

    • Green pen

    • Pencils

    • Ruler

    • Eraser

    • Scientific Calculator*

    • Protractor

    • Glue stick

    • Highlighter


The following are highly recommended:

    • Whiteboard pen

    • Coloured pencils

    • Compasses


* All students in Y7-Y11 will need a Casio fx-83GT CW calculator for their maths lessons. This is the calculator we model with as teachers and is expected equipment for students in GCSE Maths exams, so it is very helpful for all students and teachers to be using the same model. We sell these for £9.50 (cash only) from the maths office in school if you would like to buy from us – they are usually about £14-17 from other shops. If you are likely to struggle with this cost then please reach out to Mr Holland. Thank you.


NOTE: Tippex must not be brought to school

Uniform Examples