Due to increasing pupil numbers within the City of York and the subsequent demand on school places especially within the Fulford School catchment area, we would advise parents/carers making in year school applications for Fulford School to request more than one preference school on their application. In recent months, Fulford School have been unable to accept in year school applications, including those made for pupils living within the catchment area, due to pupil numbers already being over the published admission numbers.


Some pupils, including some in the school catchment area, have been refused a place at Fulford School on the grounds that the admission of an additional pupil over those already admitted would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources. Any school’s resources, such as teachers and classrooms, have to be used carefully to ensure the best possible standards for education and a safe environment. If no limit were set on the number of pupils that can go to a school each year these standards could not be maintained. Any further admissions would have an adverse impact on the delivery of effective education for all pupils.


South York Multi Academy Trust and City of York Council are continuing to discuss various options available to Fulford School in order to increase the published admission number for admissions to Fulford School and ease the pupil pressures within the school catchment area.

How do I apply for a place at Fulford School for my child?


The South York Multi-Academy Trust is the admissions authority for Fulford School and applications are processed by the admissions team at the City of York Council.  Details of the admissions policies that apply for all York schools can be found here and you can find out more about secondary school applications in York on the City of York Website.  Fulford School’s full Admissions Policy for the current year can be found on our Policies Page.


If your child is moving schools either during the school year or for the start of a new school year, then you will need to make an in-year application. Examples of this include when moving house or requesting to move your child from one school to another within York.


Applications for Year 12 or 13, also known as sixth form, should be made directly to the school – click here to find out more about applying to the sixth form at Fulford School.

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Applying for a place in Year 7 for September 2020?

Parents and carers can make an application for a secondary school place from 12 September 2019 and the national application deadline is 31 October 2019.

Guide for Parents/School Catchment Areas

Please read the Guide for Parents before applying for a school place, it contains key information on school admissions for parents/carers. 

You can also find the Guide to School Catchment Areas online.


Key Dates

12th September 2019 – Applications can be made online
31st October 2019 – Deadline for applications
2nd March 2020 – National Offer Day
31st March 2020 – Appeal forms to be returned
May-July 2020 – Admission appeals heard