School Clubs & Activities

PE Extra-curricular Clubs

Some PE clubs are back on

  • Tennis, Striking and Fielding (Rounders/Cricket/Softball):
    Each night starting from Monday 14th, all genders welcome. They will start straight after school and will finish at 4:30pm


Boys changing room: youth centre changing rooms
Girls changing rooms: sports hall changing rooms



Monday – Y8

  • Starts 14th June.
  • Activities also include:
    • Girls Rugby League


Tuesday – Y7

  • Starts 22nd June.
  • Activities also include:
    • Rugby League


Wednesday – Y8

  • Starts 16th June.


Thursday – Y10

  • Starts 17th June.
  • Activities also include:
    • Girls Rugby League
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Basketball

Please note, under the current climate of social distancing, other clubs and activities are suspended until further notice.

ActivityContactWhat Day?Where?What Time?
Art Club Y9-11SHMonday/Tuesday/FridayH291:15-2:00
Backstage Club Y7-11SW/JDTuesdayH12A15:30-16:30
Book Review Club Y7-11RWMondayResource Centre1:30-2:00
Book Squad Y7-11RWFridayResource Centre1:30-2:00
Bridge Club Y7-11RWTuesday/ThursdayResource Centre1:30-2:00
Chess Club Y7/8JCMondayA61:30-2:00
Choir Y7-11HDWednesdayB41:30-2:00
Classics Club Y7-10SN/JHThursdayA51:30-2:00
Crochet Club Y7-11LC/CWMondayB111:30-2:00
Cyber Discovery Y9+RWaTuesdayA11:30-2:00
Drama Club Y7-8CWThursdayH121:30-2:00
Duke of Edinburgh Y10SSL/LGWednesdayYouth Centre3:30-4:30
Equestrian Club Y7-11BBvarious weekends 
Fitness (all years, boys & girls)ESThursday 1:30-2:00
Fulford Environment GroupRHFridayN51:30-2:00
Game Dev Club Y9+PDrMondayA131:30-2:00
Games Club (Magic the Gathering and other modern games) Y7-11CCLMon-FriA81:30-2:00
Games Club (board games) Y7-11NTHMon-FriG31:30-2:00
Girls Basketball Y7-11ESWednesday 1:30-2:00
Homework Club Y7-11Mon-FriB71:30-2:00
Jazz Band Y7-11HDTuesdayB41:30-2:00
Keyboard Club Y7-11HDMondayB41:30-2:00
LGBTQ+ and Allies GroupLBWednesdayB91:30-2:00
MFL Film Club Y7/8EC/CPMondayH301:30-2:00
Next Steps Careers Club Y7-11RWWednesdayResource Centre1:30-2:00
School Production rehearsals Y7-11CWTuesday 3:30-5:30
String Group Open to grade 6+ string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass)Student-ledMondayB31.30-2:00
STEM Club Y7/8PDrMondayA131:30-2:00
SYMAT Orchestra Y7-11HD B44:00-5:00
Year 9/10 GCSE SupportHDThursdayB1/B93:30-4:30
YoYo Invaders Club Y7-9SNTuesdayA51:30-2:00
Year 7/8 Girls HockeyFCMondayCourts1:30-2:00
Year 9/10/11 Girls FootballESMondayField/Sports Hall1:30-2:00
Year 9/10/11 BasketballPTTuesdaySports Hall1:30-2:00
Year 7 Girls NetballESTuesdayCourts1:30-2:00
Year 7/8/9 Girls DanceMS/HSTuesdayGym1:30-2:00
Year 10/11WWTuesdaySports Hall1:30-2:00
Year 9/10/11 HockeyFCWednesdayCourts1:30-2:00
Girls BasketballESWednesdayGym1:30-2:00
Year 9 BasketballWWWednesdaySports Hall1:30-2:00
Year 7 Boys RugbySCWednesdayField1:30-2:00
Year 7/8 Girls FootballRF/ESThursdayField1:30-2:00
Year 10/11 Girls NetballSJThursdayCourts/Sports Hall1:30-2:00
Year 8 Mixed CricketTThursdaySports Hall1:30-2:00
Table TennisLSThursdayGym1:30-2:00
Year 8/9 Boys RugbySCThursdayField1:30-2:00
Year 9/10 Ultimate FrisbeeMCThursdaySports Hall3:25-4:30
Year 8/9 Girls NetballSJFridayCourts1:30-2:00
Year 9/10/11 Badminton (week A)JBOFridaySports hall1:30-2:00
Year 7/8 Badminton (week B)JBOFridaySports hall1:30-2:00
All Years, Mixed FitnessBPFridayGym1:30-2:00