Working with St Nicks, York

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We have an exciting update about the work we are doing with St Nicks. In order to reduce how much waste we accumulate in school, along with help from St Nicks, we are now part of the TerraCycle recycling scheme.


We have five recycling points available where students and staff can deposit the following items:

    1. Plastic bottles
    2. Pens
    3. Crisp packets
    4. Biscuit wrappers
    5. Tetra Paks


In other news, after the Easter holidays, the student led Fulford Environment Group will be surveying all students in order to prioritise their next piece of work in school.  The key themes they will be consulting on are:

    1. Reducing the use of single use plastic
    2. Dietary choices and food waste
    3. Enhancing biodiversity
    4. Understanding and responding to climate change
    5. Sustainable fashion


Watch this space for more updates!