More Solar Panels for Fulford

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Over the summer holiday, and as part of the new build extension scheme, we took the opportunity to increase the number of solar panels we have on site. The additional panels were placed on the Sports Hall roof, using the existing infrastructure and adding to the capacity of solar powered energy on site. The panels give an extra capacity of 27.75kWP.


On the Sports Hall roof, facing -8deg from South, at an angle of 5deg from horizontal, these will produce 782kWh per year per kWp installed.


27.75kWp x 782/kWh/year per kWp = 21,700kWh/year additional capacity.


But what does that additional capacity mean in practice? Well if we say that a full 2 litre kettle uses 0.225kWh to boil (, then per cup will be around 0.05kWh.


21,700kWh / 0.225kWh per kettle boil = 95,444 kettle boils per year / 365 = 264 kettle boils per day x 4.5 cups per boil = 1,189 cups of tea per day, every day from solar power!