Y6 Transition


Hi new Year 7 students. We hope you are excited about starting with us in September. On this page you can find lots of useful resources that will help you prepare for life at Fulford School. If you have any questions you can email them through to Year6transition@fulford.york.sch.uk. We look forward to meeting you. Mr Walker (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr Bonsels (Head of Year)

Important Information About Your First Day…


Being Part of Fulford School

We are all so excited for you to join Fulford School in September. We hope this video will make you feel like part of something really special at Fulford School. We want you to be excited about the opportunities, experiences and facilities which the School offers students and can’t wait for your journey to begin.


Check Out Our Welcome Video


Here are the forms we talked about in the video:

Year 6 Yellow Student Information Form
Year 6 Blue Parents Information Form


We hope this guide will also help with any questions you might have about getting started at Fulford:  Starting Year 7 at Fulford


Getting Around School!

More videos will appear in this section, introducing you to areas of the school…

To go alongside the video of finding your way around school and help you visualise the school site, here is a Simplified Map. You can see the five main buildings and where they are in relation to the school entrance and canteen. The classrooms all have a number and are named according to the building they are in. We hope to show you more photos and videos of the school site in the next few weeks.


Let’s talk about PE…


Now, let’s look at lunch time…


Any Questions?

Mr Walker (Assistant Headteacher) and Mr Bonsels (Head of Year 7) have put together a short Q & A video addressing some of the most frequently asked questions.

We hope you find this letter useful: Uniform letter – June 20

It summarises the Part2 video, particularly everything you need to know about the school uniform.


If you can think of any others you want answering, don’t hesitate to get in contact by sending an email to Year6transition@fulford.york.sch.uk.


Extra Curricular Clubs

When you arrive in September we want you to feel a sense of belonging and part of the school. We really want to encourage you to meet new people and make new friends. One of the best ways to do this is by attending an extra-curricular club on a lunchtime. At Fulford there are so many different and exciting clubs where you can meet other students with similar interests to you. These range from various music ensembles, computing, games, drama, Bridge, sports and more. If you follow the link below it will give you an idea of the extra-curricular clubs that were available to students this year. Maybe you could have a think about which ones you would be interested in when September arrives?


Extra Curricular Clubs at Fulford School


The clubs are open to anyone, no matter your ability and it is not all about competition and representing the school. In some cases such as sports teams, the opportunity to represent Fulford is a possibility; however, the clubs are more about enjoyment, practising new skills and meeting like-minded people.


Trying something new for the first time can be scary but we would encourage you to do this and seek out different clubs. It is important to stick with something for at least three sessions to get the full experience and the likelihood is that you will really enjoy it and meet others who do too.


Students often say that the best thing about school are the extra-curricular clubs and the enjoyment they get from them. Make sure you take every opportunity that comes your way and be part of the school.


Let’s Talk About Music Lessons at Fulford…

Tasks to Complete Before You Join in September

Starting secondary school is a really exciting time. Here at Fulford we want you to feel prepared and ready to embrace the many fantastic opportunities that will come your way. Below are a set of weekly tasks that we are encouraging you to complete to help build your confidence and resilience in preparation for starting with us in September. Most importantly they will help you develop a positive attitude and allow you to ‘Be Awesome’.


The idea of ‘Be Awesome’ is based on ideas that originate from a book written by Matthew Syed called ‘You Are Awesome’. This is a fantastic book which we would encourage you to read. It would help you to understand some of the tasks and prepare you for some of the challenges you will face at Fulford.

Once you have completed the task you can email it through to Year6transition@fulford.york.sch.uk. We look forward to reading your responses and getting to know more about you.

Week 6 – Feeling Supported

Week 5 – Dare To Take Risks

Week 4 – Bouncebackability

Week 3 – Making The Change

Week 2 – Unlocking Your Mind

Week 1 – Being Awesome


The Science department have asked Year 6 students to complete a couple of transition tasks before starting at Fulford in September. These shouldn’t take long and are intended to review some of the key principles from Key Stage 2 that the students will be building on in Year 7. These can be completed any time between now and September and any student who hands the completed work to their Science teacher when they come to Fulford will be entered for our first ‘Student of the Month’ award.


My New Species

Supporting You!

Transitioning to secondary school can be a difficult time. Find Your Feet is about helping you cope with this transition and preparing you for any other changes and challenges they will face in life. We hope you find this video useful:




Here are a couple of little clips with some useful information about the transition process. Hopefully they will help you prepare for starting in September.


English KS2: ‘New Beginnings’ by Tony Walsh (Performance)

Meet Your Tutors

Hopefully you managed to meet your new form tutor at the Year 6 Parent Zoom meetings that were held this week. If not, don’t panic! Each of the Year 7 form tutors has put together a short video clip to introduce themselves.

Mr Bonsels – Head of Year 7

7SN – Mr Nesbitt

7HD – Miss Durham

7AK – Mr Kel
7SCU – Miss Currie

7SGA/NT – Mrs Gatenby / Ms Towle

7SH – Miss Hill

7BAB – Mr Abbott

7AJO – Mr Jobson
7NI – Miss Ingham

7CBO – Mr Borwell