Former Students

Calling all Fulford Former Students!


The staff at Fulford School get great pleasure and pride from knowing that so many of our students who have gone through school are now highly successful in a wide range of careers.


With this in mind we are creating a Fulford School Alumni. We want to be able to celebrate those successes and utilise the skills and experiences of our former students to have an impact on our current students. There are any numbers of ways that this can happen but before any of that we have to locate our Alumni members!


If you are a former student of Fulford School and wish to become part of our Alumni then please follow this link


This link will take you to the Future First dashboard which we manage. Future First are a government backed organisation who are working with schools across the county. The Alumni link is secure, you are not signing up to a social network page. Only the staff at school will be able to see our Alumni members and their details. The general public or other members of the Alumni will not be able to see any details of other members of the Alumni. It may well be that you wish to contact old school friends and the dashboard can facilitate this but this will only happen through choice.


We know we have a substantial and highly talented Alumni, what we need now is for these positive role models to be signed up to our database so that they can inspire our current students.


If you have any questions please contact Paul Walker Assistant Headteacher by email at